Monday, March 16, 2009

Cloud 9

So as you call can tell, I have been kinda busy, but I will be returning to my writings very soon, my picture here explains where I have been and that I have been kidknapped by a woman, a very special woman who sees me for me..:D There is nothing cuter than when she wakes up before me just to make me coffee for work and kisses me out the door..:)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Two Cups of joe is where it began

Its a little dark, a little cold, and both a little scared. It happened in the most unscence circumstances in a very pecular way. They walk down to the pier downtown and talk small talk and smile at each other each time they make eye contact. He doesnt know wither to make a move or to go slow. Finally he works the courage up and sneaks in for a kiss, she is taken by his gesture and starts to mumble a little bit, not sure of what she is saying, she is nervious yet happy. He is not sure of her intentions, and puts his arm around her lower back and they look into the dark over the water and continue to make small talk. This was the night they first met a night they cant forget. From there they couldnt take thier hands off each other. There is a this mystery in her deep grey/blue eyes that he is trying to make out, there is curosity in her voice of where he came from. All they know is that they liked each other from the first time they saw each other, but both were scared to say anything, little did they know they both were dying to know more about each other inside. Thus is a story of two people who despite all circumstances and odds, met by some chance!