Monday, August 31, 2009

Cherishing and what matters!

Without reason, without rhyme the inner me is slightly changing. I am learning that alot of people in washington, or shall i say alot of people i run into don't really cherish a true friendship. I guess down south our priorities are not about self gain, but about networking with friends and family. I see so many unhappy older folks here and it makes me sad. Everyone has their own little social circles and many are afraid to step out of thier circle or let others in. This week I was suppose to move in with a friend and i had everything packed up and ready to move in after work, but just before i got off she called and said that her sisters best friends cousin needed a place and that i could not move in, i had already given my vacate notice and moved my stuff out and had no place to live anymore, and now she wont even talk to me. I have never been so screwed over until i moved here. I cant wait till i finish up my schooling then leave back to a land where people are real, people cherish friendships and most of all people are not afraid to speak up. Dont get me wrong, i love the beauty up here, but i guess you cant have everything in just one place. But there is one person i must say puts a smile on face everyday, well almost everyday..she is a Nadal obessed women..:D

Monday, August 17, 2009

Movies, scars, and the RUSH

This week i got alot of movie time, I must say that "The time travelers wife" is a awesome movie, you can feel everything the cast feels in the movie!! I also watched a christian relationship movie called "Fire Proof", kinda hit home a little bit, i wish i knew of the movie back then when things could have made a difference. There is a seen that show much truth, this guy glues the salt shaker and pepper shaker together, both are different, but yet you always seem them together. The other guy was about to take them apart, but before he did the guy warned him that if you try and seperate them you will break one of them or break both of them. Someone close to me the other day said they I have been broken and scar'd, I wish I could turn the clock back and and remove the scars.

I climbed up McClellan Butte yesterday and it was an amazing view and adventure. The last hundred and fifty feet up was a little scary, i wont lie, but after a bit, i was like hey i dont want to come all this way up not to ever see the top, the rush was amazing and in the end i was like hey if i drop, at least i know i lived a great life and went doing something i love doing!! I guess thats the way i look at life, why go all the way and stop short of the sweetness! :)

On other news, i am contemplating if i should do the seattle marathon, plagued by injuries all year, but still going strong, i am on 3 soccer teams during the week, with a possible 4th team. I am dying for the snow season to come back so i can get some series snowboard time in. OH OH OH My nfl team DETRIOT LIONS won thier first preseason out seattle, the Lions come to town in novemeber and we will pounce all over the seahawks!!

If anyone is interested in joining a hike, just let me know.