Thursday, March 11, 2010


Today is a wierd day.....I have to say that writting in a blog has been the best outlit for me since I have came to  seattle. Some people critize me for what i write about and how i can be negative at times, but hey this a blog and it is to vent what ever comes to mind. The funny thing is, you meet me in person and you read this blog and say is this the same person. It is wierd only having a handful of friends here, where back in florida or cali in one year i made tons of friends and networks.  It makes me sad that people are so antisocial and cliq'ish up here. The date scene up here is not any better, women complaining they cant find a good man, men complaining that women  are gold diggers, etc. Its madness i tell you. One thing that really gets me is that here in the northwest it is like a crime to have a friend of the opposite sex, where florida its the most common thing. Anyways, i just kinda started using this online dating thing, i feel like a fool for even going that route, but we will see what happens. I will leave this last statement/comment i went out three different night, one just wearing jeans and tshirt and no one talked to me or would give me the time of day. The next day same scene and cloths and i put a hat on, people would actually talk for a few seconds and sometimes smile at me. The third night i go out same scene, same cloths but this time i wore a hat and glasses.....I managed to actually grab a few numbers...wierd huh??!!!!!! In the end I call a day or two later and they dont answer or return calls back...WIERD