Monday, July 19, 2010

She has no idea...

She has no idea that she is about to lose to me, I am tired of having plans with her and then it takes her 4 hours after the fact to apologize and cancel. A part of me wants to just tell her to go back her ex who didnt treat her right, maybe then she will realize what she had. The part that sucks is that when we are together its like the only thing that matters in this world is her and i. I dont want it to end.................

Monday, July 12, 2010

Never ever ever again!!!!!

I put my heart out there and got burned, what the hell was I thinking that I found a good gal. Worked out twice already and I cant seem to shake off the feelings or hurt, sadness, disappointment. I am starting to wonder if some people are just meant to live a life of singleness. So I just went down to the gas station and bought a pack of newports, funny thing is i will smoke a few and then throw the pack My model friend brenda told me she was happy for me when i found her, but that she has a bad feeling about this gal, i am glad that i have someone who is so connected with me like that. On other news, I had violin practice today and it was awesome, I almost have this piece perfected. I get to perform it next month in front of a audience...(Unchained Melody).

Monday, July 5, 2010


Finaly met a gal worth my time, i swear when she is not around, I start to lose my mind thinking of her, I have not felt like this in years. I am beginning to fall for this gal. I am glad only a few of you know of my blog site, I feel like a damn lil girl right now...ok ciao