Monday, July 12, 2010

Never ever ever again!!!!!

I put my heart out there and got burned, what the hell was I thinking that I found a good gal. Worked out twice already and I cant seem to shake off the feelings or hurt, sadness, disappointment. I am starting to wonder if some people are just meant to live a life of singleness. So I just went down to the gas station and bought a pack of newports, funny thing is i will smoke a few and then throw the pack My model friend brenda told me she was happy for me when i found her, but that she has a bad feeling about this gal, i am glad that i have someone who is so connected with me like that. On other news, I had violin practice today and it was awesome, I almost have this piece perfected. I get to perform it next month in front of a audience...(Unchained Melody).

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